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About the Waterford Community

Waterford is a residential community in Clemmons, NC, located 12 miles west of Winston-Salem. The first homes in Waterford were built in 1985 and the development evolved in 2 phases: Phase 1 Waterford on the east side of Peace Haven Road and Phase 2 “New” Waterford being one mile further on the west side of Peace Haven.

At the time it was built, Waterford was considered among the pre-eminent residential communities in the Piedmont Triad, with a variety of red brick homes, grand entrances and well-planned, spacious lots.

Today, Waterford is a vibrant yet peaceful neighborhood where families grow to become friends and where neighbors enjoy one another while still enjoying space of their own. In summertime, the pool plays host to all the neighborhood action and is HQ to the championship Waterford Stingrays swim club.

For the most part, Waterford is where professionals of every stripe, from a variety of backgrounds, make their home. Some with young families. Some empty-nesters. Some who grew up around the corner. Some who moved here recently from out-of-state. Together, we make a neighborhood, and a pretty darn good one at that.

nice home in Waterford community
fountain near the entrance to Waterford

As Clemmons proper has evolved, Waterford has enjoyed being central to everything. One of the best YMCAs ever is just up the road. A state-of-the-art medical center opened in 2013 across the road. If you’re a cyclist, you’re but a pedal push away from some excellent rural roadways (and bike shops), including the newly built Clemmons Greenway near Morgan Elementary. Nearby Tanglewood Park has hiking, golf, mountain bike trails, a paved walking path, horseback riding, pool, dog park and just about every amenity you can dream of in a public park (it was a Reynolds estate, after all).


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